I am inspired by the rich diversity and complexity of relationships.  Relationship to environment, expression, business, creativity, healing and one another. Through these relationships, I explore my curiosity and encounter new experiences. Creating images allows me to explore the magic of any emotion and interaction, discovering or rediscovering the world and my place within it.  Healing creates a platform to share the lessons. Relationships are forged and powerful connections allow a container to be created to do incredible personal work to create life changing transformations that ripple throughout the entire life experience. 

The nature of art and healing is magical.  It is forces seen and unseen, spoken and silent.  It is all things new, old, experimental and nostalgic.  We seek....following the threads whispered in the air.


I began my schooling at Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio in 1992, which is nationally known for teaching a strong foundation of art and design concepts. In 1995, I transferred after the foundation program to attend and  graduate from Pacific Northwest College of Art, in Portland Oregon with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in 1998.    I use many mediums including photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, and fiber needle felting.   This study facilitated my lifelong dedication to image making and the power of creating.

In 2002, I began studying massage therapy which began a road into the healing arts that has taken me on an in depth study of energy and the spirit.  After graduating from East/West College of the Healing Arts in 2004, I opened my own practice.  This allowed me access to many  different healers and exposed me to Shamanism and The Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies.  I began studying with Jan Engels-Smith in 2006.  I continue to learn under her extensive tutelage and direction.  I began practicing shamanism in my healing work in 2011, as I gained a deeper understanding of the nature of energy, spirit and the power of this kind of medicine available to each of us.  The results have been profound for me personally and I have witnessed many transformations through the use of all the modes of healing I am proficient at. This naturally and organically led me into the area of coaching as another valuable means of connecting to the heart. 

Through this journey of seemingly diverse interests, I have discovered that there is no separation between  modes of expression, be it healing, coaching, bodywork, or image making.  In a time where we are developing new areas of our brains to operate at higher levels of vibration and engagement, we have the extraordinary opportunity to LIFT ourselves up to an evolved reality.   My place is to help guide those that have not yet discovered their inherent ability to do this.  Through the many methods of guidance I have learned, I have found that each and every one of us is capable of changing our lives, releasing our outdated patterns of being, to become our true selves in this world.  What would you like to be in your life?  What would you be like if you felt free?  Allow me to help you find out. 

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