The water project



There is a spirit to water.  If you’ve ever done anything on water that you were committed to, (fishing, boating, floating, walking on its edge) then you know that what a River holds is all of life.  It is the culmination of all of what we need here on Earth.  Water drives our everything.  It covers 71 % of the Earth’s surface.  Water makes up 55-60% of the human body.  We live upon this planet in large part because of water.  Our entire global ecosystems depend upon water to stay alive.  But the facts of our need and make up of water is well known.  What I am interested in is how the Spirit of Water drives us.  I want to hear from water directly.  To do that, I must go there.  I must stand in the current or on the banks.  I sing and drum in order to open the ceremonial circle, connecting to what is present beneath our initial perceptions.  I send prayers of healing into the water, into the immediate surrounding environment as well as the fauna that inhabits the land.  I document this beauty, showing what's at stake from Natures clarity.  The culmination will be a book about each river ceremony, with imagery from the journey.

We are living during a time when our human evolution is shifting into a more conscious and conscientious reality.  Our political systems are going through massive upheaval and reorganization.  Our ecosystems are breaking down because of the destruction and disregard we have knowingly and unknowingly brought into life.  I yearn for awareness.  Through truth and the revealing of light upon the matter, solutions can begin to take form.  The earth is alive and has a strong voice.  All of the plants, animals, waterways, rocks, mountains, forests, deserts, plains have a spirit to them.   My desire is to connect to that spirit and bring the wisdom that these natural environments have to offer us by visiting sites around this country and opening ceremony. 


My belief in why we are here and what we are meant to do, the lessons we are here to learn, drives me beyond all else.  It is my motivation to make artwork, be a good parent, be a humble healer, and act in service to something important.  I am driven to this project because of my connection to my spirituality and my desire to be of some use in bringing hope and light back into these upside down times.   

The connections we have to this planet are clear..  We co-exist physically and also at a soul level.  The increasing necessity to be in communion with our environment and the messages that spirit has to offer are staring us in the face.  The original peoples that remain understand.  Our own country’s Native people are still connected in these ways.  Even while we push aside their ancient knowledge, they remain committed to the land and waterways understanding the power of connection. 

I have learned and come to understand a way to talk and listen to the environment and the very earthly spirits of water, forest and the like.  I connect to lands and running waters.  I whole heartedly believe in the wisdom of Nature to reconnect us to the notion of respect instead of abuse, thereby doing justice to all paths.   I feel what is at stake.

Through my bodywork practice, I came to be exposed to a deeper healing possibility.  I found myself pursuing and learning the old ceremonies of Indigenous tribal medicine, the practice of ceremony.  I have been in training for 9 years and practicing this medicine for 6 years.  This is an ongoing process.  Last summer, I entered into a traditional Vision Quest.  I sat solo in the forest (on the hill)  for 4 days and nights with no water or food and prayed for something in my life to shift, in deep conversation with spirit.  I sat under the forest canopy, next to the Trask River and sang, drummed and prayed.  I tied 700 prayer ties and slept alone without cover in the forest for the first time in my life.  I had never before then been hungry or thirsty.  My entire quest became about water.  Surrender and trust.  

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The Water Project is a call from spirit to bring through the visual, written, spoken and experiential exploration of what our time here right now will create for our future.  And this is the reason, right now, I must act. I am being called to it.  A personal journey that hopefully speaks to the human condition across barriers of race, gender, religion or economic status expanding into the universal experience.  We are all connected.  With our human feet to the ground we stand upon, we are in Union.  I am really only telling the story that wants to be told from things far larger and impressive than myself through the lens of my life.  I am terrifically happy to be the pen and lens and paintbrush and voice for this work to speak.  I hope it speaks to you. I hope though me, you will begin to see how one person can impact us all through intentional action and energetic understanding of the matrix we all exist in together.  What I do affects you, what you do affects me-whether we know each other or not.

If you are interested in supporting this ceremonial journey to heal the waterways of our country, one river at a time, please contact me directly.  You can purchase prints of the water seen here on this site. You can donate to me for travel expenses to the various rivers of my journey. You may offer press to give wind to the sails of this project to the public via social media, the press or publishing company who may be interested in the book I am writing of the journey..a blog will soon be established so you may follow the journey as it happens.   I am open to any and all the gifts you may have to contribute to the project.  At this time, I am called to the Deschutes River (May), the Mollala River (June), the Colorado River (date to be determined for fall), the Klamath River (August), the Green River (September), the Snake River (dates TBA)  Please consider supporting this work. Thank you so very much for your interest. 

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